AT HOME, with Nimmy and Paul

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More Pictures by Paul
Most of Nimmy’s guests are first time visitors to Kerala. A day spend with the Pauls give them an opportunity to learn more about Kerala, its customs and culture. As a culinary expert, Nimmy advices interested guests on the selection of suitable utensils, vessels and ingredients to take home.

Front view of the Pauls' Home

Guest room A/c

Drawing room
Sometimes her guests are enamored by Nimmy’s clothes, and they go shopping for similar dresses and material. On occasions they also visit antique shops, the local markets, or even Nimmy’s brothers or sisters. Depending on the interests of the guests and the time available to both the guest and Nimmy, each visit is made special.

Back yard and lawn

Family room

Bath room en suite




Kingfisher (daily visitor)


Local Vegetable Market

Cooking Rice
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