“Never Hurt a Curry Leaf”


“One day, out of the blue, I shared this thought with Paul and he said, ”Why not?” and so I set myself on this path. Twenty two years later, here I am, still sharing my culinary skills with those who love cooking and good food.”


Nimmy Paul

Cooking Teacher
Kitchen Management

Nimmy, a professional cookery instructor for more than twenty years, and her stockbroker husband Paul, offers food and hospitality to foreign guests. Nimmy and Paul belong to traditional Syrian Christian community in Kerala. In keeping with the tradition of their families they enjoy having guests and serving good food.

Nimmy conducts cookery classes. She teaches guests the nuances of traditional Kerala recipes. She is also a food consultant to writers, chefs and magazines. Articles by her and about her have appeared in magazines and newspapers.


What a pleasure to sit in the bosom of a house hold in Kochi, with the hospitable Nimmy and V.J. Inspired and sate by Nimmy’s brilliant cooking _ we feel we have experienced a great tradition.

Paul Theroux and Sheila Theroux, USA Author, The Great Railway Bazaar

Such clean perfect food! What a treat, hope this style makes it to my country!

Jeremy Piven, U.S.A Hollywood Actor

Sensational food generosity & passion thank you both so much.

Christine Manfield, Sydney Author & Chef

Nimmy you are an amazing cook,host and friend !Thank you for such a lovely afternoon of class and lunch and your hospitality, with love.

Julie Sahni, U.SA Author & Chef

I don’t remember the last time I learned as much in a morning or at all as well at lunch. This is a complex and fascinating cuisine, so beautifully and lovingly cooked, that needs to be more widely known.

Betsey and R.W Apple Jr USA Associate Editor, The New York Times



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