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Nimmy and Paul have been involved in 'At Home' hospitality for more than twelve years.
Nimmy, a professional cookery instructor for more than twenty years, and her stockbroker husband Paul, offers food and hospitality to foreign guests. Nimmy and Paul belong to traditional Syrian Christian community in Kerala. In keeping with the tradition of their families they enjoy having guests and serving good food.
Nimmy conducts cookery classes. She teaches guests the nuances of traditional Kerala recipes. She is also a food consultant to writers, chefs and magazines. Articles by her and about her have appeared in magazines and newspapers.
Nimmy, Paul, and their son Joseph live in Kochi (formerly COCHIN), in Kerala, INDIA.
Nimmy and Paul offer their guests:
1. Meal At Home: Savor traditional delicacies
2. Day At Home: Cookery demonstrations, opportunity to interact with the family
3. Stay At Home:Spend a few days with Nimmy and Paul. Emphasis is given to learning and sampling traditional Kerala cookery. (This is not a home stay or a guided tour service. Nimmy and Paul are not into conducting tours or into the Bed and Breakfast business.)
4. Food and Demonstration At Home: Cookery demonstrations
If you plan to visit India, and wish to visit Nimmy and Paul, you can email them directly at
(Most guests make advance bookings prior to their visit. It will help Nimmy and Paul a lot if you do so too. If you have any special interests, in any traditional Kerala recipes please inform us. Nimmy likes to make every guest event a special one)

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