Recently I had a smile design treatment in Turkey, due to years of abusing my dental health with junk food and neglecting its care. I had my smile design treatment done in Turkey and couldn’t be happier. It is an incredible experience to be able to use my smile like I could back in my 20’s. And figured I’d write a blog post about it to inform those who may be considering the treatment that read my blog.

Smile design is a fairly common procedure these days, performed on both men and women. Today, technology has advanced considerably, making the process virtually painless.

Clinics around the world use lots of methods for the procedure. These methods are popular in European countries, but most smile design patients choose clinics and centers in Turkey. One of the reasons is that smile design treatment in Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination, and the country’s top specialists perform it in dozens of clinics.

Hair transplantation in Turkey means application of effective methods, long experience of doctors, work of qualified personnel, and the most important – a positive effect in the majority of hair transplantation cases.

What smile design treatments are used in Turkey?

Smile design clinics in Turkey mainly use a couple different methods:

They may choose to go with a simple veneer on with patients who wish to simply have better teeth, and they may choose to go with a complete jaw redesign for people who have problems relating not only to their teeth but also their jaws. The design is done in 3D for people who wish so. Periodonta is a dental clinic which has been known for its 3D smile design treatments. The provide affordable smile design treatments for anyone who wishes to have their smiles redesigned.

Benefits of smile design in Turkey

Smile design in Turkey is more popular than any other cosmetic dental procedure. In addition, the main advantage of Turkish specialists is that they have managed to reduce the risk of unsuccessful operations.

In addition to that, the main advantages are:

  • Being able to choose the best clinic. Most clinics and medical centers in Turkey perform this type of procedure. So you can choose the one that suits you best;
  • Price range – prices here are considerably lower than in Europe;
  • Professional doctors;
  • Years of experience in transplantation;
  • successful transplantation in most cases. You can see in the picture an example of before and after smile design in Turkish clinics.

What should I do before and after a smile design treatment?

Smile design, when including the jaw is a surgical procedure, but the patient does not need to prepare for it. As with any surgical procedure, you can only prepare yourself mentally for the hair transplant and prepare for a good outcome.

There are no special restrictions before the procedure, but doctors advise against taking blood thinning medications 14 days before.

Rehabilitation care includes taking painkillers and other medications that the doctor will prescribe, as well as specialized dental care products.

How much does smile design cost in Turkey?

The cost of a hair transplant varies between €1,500 and €2,500 in the best clinics in Turkey. These clinics are mostly located in Istanbul, the heart of the country.

On average, the cost of a smile design treatment in Turkey is 1600-1800 €. In this case, it is possible to find a suitable center, choose the best doctor and make an appointment for the procedure. The price includes all preparatory steps – tests, examinations, consultations, the operation itself and recovery.

The lowest price for a smile design treatment is 1300 €. This is the lowest we could find and don’t believe it is possible to find it cheaper than that.